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Aéroport de Haikou

ENSA Villes et Territoires / 2012-2013 / Semestre 9 Master 2

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5ème année S9


Equipe pédagogique :

Marc Mimram (professeur)

Anna Maria Bordas (assistante)

Supported by the outstanding economic growth in China, air traffic at Haikou Meilan International Airport (HMIA) continues to rise. Year after year, more and more tourists or businessmen want an airport with faster processes, higher level of service or enhanced accessibility.

In order to fulfill passengers’ wishes, while providing to the airport operator, state services and airlines an efficient facility, we have imagined for you a brilliant future for HMIA.

In this near future, the airport will not be limited to the juxtaposition of three terminals, but it will form a coherent city, where aeronautical as well as non-aeronautical activities will be developments and commercial activities will all benefit from the site dense transportation networks and facilities, as well as from the massive flows of passengers and customers. Linked together through a commercial mall, terminal buildings, car parks, train and bus stations, offices, hotels or conference center will form an attractive and profitable complex.

As passenger terminal buildings will still be the living heart of this city, we propose to you a smart, simple and yet iconic design for future Terminal 2. This building will be compact, to limit walking distances, to save apron areas for future developments and to limit investments costs. Its shape will be simple, to foster straightforward flows and legibility of the spaces for passengers. Its architecture will be striking, with magnificent tropical gardens and elegant roofs inspired by Hainan traditional architecture. In this clear building, passengers will be released from stress caused by illegible processes and will be naturally led to their gates through shops and gardens.

Finally, as sustainability is now a necessity, we are proposing a series of measures to foster biodiversity, energy savings or water recycling. A network of gardens and ponds will be located throughout the airport city, participating to these environmental provisions while
showcasing the outstanding flora of Hainan Island.

Beyond the simple fact of taking a plane, airport experience at HMIA will represent a journey within a journey for all passengers.

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